2016 The Descent Colchagua Valley Reserva Red Blend

The Colchagua Valley is is a sight to behold, with the Andes mountains towering over the eastern edge and the Pacific Ocean bordering the west. A cooler Mediterranean climate can be found here, along with just enough rainfall to foster ideal growing conditions, especially for the red varieties found in this Reserva blend. Concentrated and extracted black-red fruit flavors dominate the palate, with just enough herbal nuance to remind you that this wine's from Chile. Sophisticated oak provides support and a lingering finish. Enjoy this wine with grilled or roasted red meats.

Recipe Pairings

Roasted Beef Tenderloin with Mushroom Ragout

Flavor Profile


Tastes Like

black cherry





Colchagua Valley, Central Valley, Chile



Leg Of Lamb

Grilled Red Meats

Did You Know?

White wines are typically cloudy before they're bottled. First they must undergo fining, which precipitates out the cloudy compounds. Common fining agents are gelating, milk, egg whites and isinglass, whcih comes from fish bladders.