2016 Morningside California White Blend

As enchanting as a sunrise, this evocative white wine is a juxtaposition of richness and freshness. Vibrant fruit flavors of green apple and pear are deftly interwoven with notes of peach, apricot and baking spices. A bit of barrel fermentation in neutral oak imparts both the spice nuances and rounder mouthfeel in the end, creating a wine that encourages contemplation and appreciation.

Recipe Pairings

Braised Chicken with Preserved Meyer Lemons

Flavor Profile


Tastes Like



spice box

stone fruits


California, United States


Chicken Dishes


Pork Chops

Did You Know?

Chateau Petrus, the most expensive Bordeaux wine (often as much as $10,000 per bottle on wine lists), is the most commonly forged bottle in the world. More 1982 Petrus has been sold in Las Vegas than the winery is known to have produced.