2015 Pulcino d'oro Super Tuscan Red Blend

Masculine and robust, this Super Tuscan brings together Sangiovese and Cabernet Sauvignon and is a testament to why these blends have become so popular worldwide. Dark, chewy cherry and plum flavors are elevated by oak and vanilla nuances, culminating in a voluptuous wine with a deliciously long finish. Not shy, this wine requires a rich pairing like a well-marbled steak.

Recipe Pairings

Tuscan-Style Steak with Crispy Potatoes

Flavor Profile


Tastes Like

black cherry

dark fruit


toasty oak


Tuscany, Italy



Hard Cheeses


Did You Know?

Only one Champagne producer makes several bottles each year in Primat and Melchizedek sizes, which are 27 liters and 30 liters, respectively – the latter the equivalent of 40 regular-size bottles of Champagne in one!