2015 Pulcino d'oro Super Tuscan Red Blend

This vibrant and robust Super Tuscan is inspired by the legend of an illustrious Etruscan king whose tomb was guarded by 5,000 golden chicks and a hen. Black-red fruit flavors of cherry and plum are elevated by oak and vanilla nuances in this voluptuous wine, culminating in a deliciously long finish. Not shy, this red requires a rich pairing like osso buco — or some other meal that’s fit for a king.

Recipe Pairings

Tuscan-Style Steak with Crispy PotatoesItalian Braised Short Ribs

Flavor Profile


Tastes Like


toasty oak


candied cherry

Citrus Peel


Tuscany, Italy


Braised Meats

Italian Dishes

Marinated Red Meats

Osso Buco

Did You Know?

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