2015 Allettare Alto Adige Lagrein

Coming from the northern mountainous region of Alto Adige, the vines benefit from a cooler climate, allowing the fruit to ripen perfectly. Lagrein, a variety indigenous to Italy, is characterized by a vibrant magenta hue and both aromas and flavors of plum, and this stellar example has both in spades. Aromas and flavors of blue and red plum greet you in the glass, along with Maraschino cherry, followed by polished tannins on the finish, providing lovely structure to the plump, ripe fruit. Enjoy this delightful wine with feathered game and pork dishes for a sublime experience.

Recipe Pairings

Roasted Rack of Pork with Fennel Seed, Lavender and Garlic Paste

Flavor Profile


Tastes Like


Maraschino Cherry


red fruit

Damson Plum



Trentino-Alto Adige, Italy



Game Bird

Leg Of Lamb

Pork Chops


Did You Know?

Spain is the nation most widely planted with grapevines, with 2.9 million acres. But both France and Italy actually produce more wine each year than Spain.