2014 Geist Trocken Saar Germany Riesling

Beautiful, enticing aromas of white flower, peach, green melon, citrus and honeysuckle invite you in. It all hints at the wine being slightly sweet, but on the palate it's very dry, crisp and refreshing, with a pure, mouthwatering acidity that makes the wine ever so easy to drink. The same aromas preset as flavors, so this wine is a perfect match for shellfish and salad dishes. A slightly bitter citrus note on the finish makes you crave another sip, bite of food or both.

Recipe Pairings

Thai Shrimp on Lemongrass Skewers

Flavor Profile


Tastes Like



white flowers



Mosel, Germany


Light Salads


Goat Cheese

Did You Know?

Grappa, the clear spirit enjoyed by Italians, is made by using the grape skins and seeds left over from making red wine. They're placed in a copper still and heated. Any alcohol still in the skins and seeds turns to vapor, then recondenses as alcohol to become Grappa.